Six more cases in Addu arson attacks to PG

Hussain Fiyaz Moosa, Haveeru Online
Jul 29, 2012 - 10:16
  • A court in Addu set ablaze: More cases in the arson attacks have been forwarded for prosecution. FILE PHOTO

The cases of six more people regarding the arson attacks on courts and police stations in Addu city during the violence that swept across the nation on February 8 have been sent to the Prosecutor General (PG) by the Police.

Police confirmed that the cases were sent to PG on June 17. Earlier, the cases of 26 people were sent to the PG regarding the arson attacks.

Four court houses, four police stations and many vehicles were set on fire. In addition, the PG office in Addu was ransacked and private properties of police officers were damaged.

In addition to these cases, Fuvahmulah Velagan, Ibrahim Didi and Thaa atoll Thimarafushi Bashimaage, Ahmed Riffath’s case was sent to PG on July 16 regarding the attack on two police officers in Fuvahmulah on January 16.

The case of an Indian national, who attempted to sexually abuse a child in Raa atoll Alifushi in February 16 was also sent to the PG on July 18.

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