Won't allow for violence in Addu following CNI report: Mayor

Ahmed Adhshan, Seenu Atoll Feydhoo, Haveeru Online
Aug 26, 2012 - 03:43
  • Addu Mayor Abdulla 'Soabe' Sodig speaking during a ceremony. FILE PHOTO

As the deadline for the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) set up to probe the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power on February 7 approaches, Addu Mayor Abdulla 'Soabe' Sodig has stressed that the Addu City Council would not allow anyone to create unrest and violence in Addu.

In response o a question from Haveeru, Mayor admitted that rumors are rife that some people were preparing to create mayhem in Addu.

“I assure the people that, we the council would not give room for anyone to resort to violence and undermine the peace and calm in Addu City. I also urge against resorting to such tactics,” he said.

“We will also hold discussions with police and military to seek their assistance over the matter.”

Addu Mayor further said that the notion of creating mayhem and attacks on public and property cannot be acceptable. He added that both public and property belong to the people and any damages inflicted on them would cause direct harm to the people.

Soabe while admitting that activities of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) would go ahead as planned in Addu, he stressed that the party would not incite or resort to violence. On that note he refuted the allegations that MDP is planning violence if the CNI report is not in its favor.

“I’m also a leading member of MDP Steering Committee in Addu. Committee meetings with leading members of MDP take place regularly. I assure you that no discussion had entailed to create unrest in Addu,” Soabe revealed.

“MDP has been conducting various activities quite peacefully since last week. That trend will continue even in future.”

He also reaffirmed that MDP had not been behind the violence and arson attacks in Addu on February. To that end, Mayor Soabe alleged that even when some people had infiltrated the MDP protest on that day and started torching and damaging buildings, police had failed to act which had been used to lay blame on MDP.

Soabe further labeled the prosecution of MDP supporters over the mayhem in Addu on February 8 as being “politically personal.”

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