Dhiraagu to compensate affected customers

Ahmed Rishan, Haveeru Online
May 05, 2012 - 01:05
  • Submarine cable being laid in Maldives: A technical problem has occurred with the submarine cable installed between Sri Lanka and the Maldives. PHOTO/ DHIRAAGU

Telecom giant Dhiraagu has informed that the damage caused to the Maldives-Sri Lanka international submarine cable had been successfully repaired and services had been fully restored.

The company has further announced that compensation will be given to customers affected during this period, which will be offered in the form of ‘service credits’.

Details of the service credit includes rental waive off for the affected period for ADSL internet customers, free 20% data allowance till May 31 for TouchNet Postpaid customers, free allowance of 200MB till May 15 for Touchnet Prepaid customers, 20% extra allowance on data packages till May 31 for mobile internet customers and 0.8 laari per Kb for mobile internet usage outside subscribed bundles till May 7, 2012.

The submarine cable had sustained damage on the night of April 18 and was fully resolved on April 30.

Dhiraagu had informed that the cable had been damaged by a ship’s anchor around 20km off the coast of Sri Lanka.

This was the first time services had been interrupted since the submarine cable had been installed by Dhiraagu.

The 837km submarine cable had been installed between Maldives and Sri Lanka in 2006 under a USD27 million project.

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