Parliament must make certain decision on the death penalty: Home Minister

Fazeena Ahmed, Haveeru Online
Jul 25, 2012 - 03:33
  • Home Minister Jameel (L) with Police Commissioner Riyaz during a press conference. Jameel has stressed that Parliament must make certain decisions in relation to implementing the death penalty. PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said yesterday that the best possible way to implementing the death penalty in the Maldives would be for the Parliament to make certain decisions on the issue.

While noting the divergences of opinion over capital punishment, Home Minister added that the peoples’ stand in enforcing the death penalty would be revealed once the Parliament decides on the matter. Jameel stressed that the death penalty is obligated under the laws of both the Maldives and Islamic Sharia.

“There are a lot more to be done than conclude the matter through just a debate. This is the highest punishment given in any country. Before the death penalty is enforced, all Muslim countries must ensure that protection is received from the law,” he added.

The death penalty has not been implemented in the Maldives in the recent past. Hence, if the situation presents itself, the path to enforcing capital punishment must be clear and is more important than to be decided among a few, Home Minister said.

“The decisions must be made collectively by all the relevant authorities. Different countries employ different methods of implementing the death penalty. There are some issues during the stage of its implementation. ….like what are the rights that must be given to the convict, whether family would be present and how it would be carried out,” Minister explained.

“Certain policies need to be agreed upon by a broad consensus of relevant interlocutors. I believe that best way is the Parliament to pass some norms in relation to the matter.”

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