Home Minister labels Amnesty's report as "one sided and unjust"

Ahmed Abdullah Saeed, Haveeru Online
Sep 06, 2012 - 10:14 2 comments
  • Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed speaking during a press conference: Minister has accused the Amnesty International's report of being biased and unjust. FILE PHOTO

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has labeled the report released by Amnesty International as unjust and biased after the international rights group accused that the protection of human rights has declined in the Maldives after the current government assumed power on February 7.

In an interview with Haveeru following the release of Amnesty's report yesterday, Jameel said that an international rights group such as Amnesty releasing a report that had only stated one side of the story was extremely disappointing.

"They had not sought any comments from the Maldives government. I'm extremely disappointed that a group advocating for fairness and equal treatment had released a report based on just one side of the story. An international group of the caliber of Amnesty should have heard the other side as well. But they had failed to obtain our comments," Minister stressed.

The report on the country – entitled “The Other Side of Paradise: A Human Rights Crisis in the Maldives” details alleged violent suppression of demonstrators and opposition politicians following former President Mohamed Nasheed’s downfall. Dozens of people say they were beaten and tortured by police, with some claiming that officers attacked injured demonstrators being treated at hospitals in the capital, Male. It also claims that police have continued to use excessive force against protesters in recent months.

In response to the allegations made in the report with regard to the use of excessive force by Police against demonstrators, Minister stressed that if the report had been impartial, it would also have highlighted the many violations of rights of others by the protesters. On that note he added that if the report had been just, it would have pointed out the offences carried out by supporters of the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) during their protests since February 8.

"CNI (Commission of National Inquiry) report had clearly highlighted the actions of demonstrators during protests in the Maldives. The foreign observers had labeled the actions of demonstrators as cowboy tactics. The demonstrators undermine the peace and stability. Carry out attacks while being inebriated. Carry out attacks with sharp objects and damage private property. Even internationally such actions are regarded as violence. However, the Amnesty report has ignored all such things. It is extremely one sided and unjust," Minister alleged.

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