Cabinet passes rules of answering to parliament

Haveeru Daily
Aug 04, 2010 - 12:00

MALE, August 4, 2010 (HNS) - The cabinet Tuesday passed rules of answering to the parliament.

According to the President’s Office, ministers deliberated on a set of cabinet rules of procedure drafted by the Cabinet Office.

Clauses passed Tuesday state that a minister shall follow a parliament summoning only if the summon specifies a supporting article of the constitution and that the minister shall only answer to MPs according to the relevant act.

The President’s Office stressed that the main sources of guidelines for the cabinet rules of procedure are article 115(f) of the constitution, cabinet oath stated in chapter 5 of the constitution, resolutions of oath and cabinet precedents.

On Tuesday the cabinet also decided to help people involved in shark fishery find an alternative source of income as compensation.

Ministry of Finance and Treasury, Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture and Ministry of Economic Development will announce a compensation procedure soon, President’s Office said.

The government enforced a total ban on shark fishery effective from July 1.

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