3 in 14-year-old’s murder acquitted for lack of evidence

Haveeru Daily
Sep 20, 2010 - 12:00

MALE, September 20 (HNS) – The Criminal Court Sunday acquitted the three men charged with murdering 14-year-old Shifau Ismail of Hiffaseyhage/Noonu atoll Landhoo in April 2008.

The court earlier acquitted two men in the murder of Samir Abdul Mueen of Shaahee Manzil/Meemu atoll Kolhufushi, three men in the murder of 15-year-old Ibrahim Shaneed of Glucose Ge/Thaa atoll Vilufushi and a minor in the murder of Ali Ishar of Henveiru Kubura.

Delivering the verdict in Sunday’s hearing, Judge Muhthaz Fahmy said four witnesses in police investigations identified Mohamed Waseem, 25, of Vasmeeruge in Gaaf Alif atoll Villingilli, Musthafa Moosa, 18, of Male Dhaftharu 4126 and Ihusaanuddin Rasheed, 25, of Galolhu Masodige beating Shifau. However, in the trial, three of the witnesses could not identify the people who beat Ishan, the judge added.

Judge Fahmy ruled that the Prosecutor General’s (PG) office was not able to present sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

According to the charges, on the evening of April 4, 2008, Shifau and two others went near Masodige when Ihusaanuddin, who was waiting there, saw them. Ihusaanuddin then shouted “there are the guys from Buru” and Musthafa and some others started chasing after Shifau.

The charges said three people witnessed Ihusaanuddin beat up Shifau with an iron rod after chasing him up to the fourth floor of Galolhu Galolhuaage. The PG Office also claimed that three witnesses saw Musthafa beat Shifau mercilessly with a wooden broom.

Shifau died on April 12, 2008 while undergoing treatment for the injuries from the beating, the charges added.

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