Judiciary accepts AG from cabinet: AG Office

Haveeru Daily
Oct 14, 2010 - 12:00

MALE, October 14 (HNS) – Cabinet members accepted by lower courts to Supreme Court, Attorney General’s (AG) office said Thursday.

When the cabinet’s validity was questioned in the hearing of the case filed by the opposition coalition against selling land plots from Male, prosecutor Shafa Shareef said Civil Court and Supreme Court accept Attorney General from the cabinet.

The recent resignation of AG Husnu Suood led to Civil Court putting the state trials on hold until a new AG was appointed, she added.

Shafa stressed that no written evidence has been provided in the hearing and the evidences provided by the state has not been questioned. She accused the opposition of trying to confuse the reality of the case.

Concluding Thursday’s hearing, Judge Mariyam Nihaayath gave chance to the opposition lawyer Ali Whaheed to respond.

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