President hopes 2011 budget will speed up development projects

Haveeru Daily
Dec 31, 2010 - 12:00

MALE, December 31 (HNS) - The 2011 state budget as passed by the parliament will speed up development projects in the Maldives, President Mohamed Nasheed said today.

Speaking in his weekly radio address this morning, the president said he was hopeful that “all budget objectives will be achieved by the end of the year.”

Describing 2011 budget as a different type of budget, he said wide-ranging deliberations and consultations involved in the process of preparing the budget.

President Nasheed also positively noted the discussions that took place between the parliament and the government during the budget evaluation stage in which government shared details of the budget with the parliament.

According to the President’s Office, the government for the first time in this year, compiled a programme budget that is based on government manifesto. The budget has clear targets, the means to achieve those targets and costing calculated for the targets, the office added.

“As the budget is implemented, it will show how much we achieve or how much we fail to achieve,” the president explained today.

“The budget is based on programmes, which are government pledges. The budget’s objective is to fulfil those pledges.”

President Nasheed further stressed that the government believed, with the fulfilment of those pledges, there would be a developmental turnaround in the country.

The parliament voted 69-4 on Wednesday to approve the 2011 state budget with five amendments and recommendations proposed by the members.

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