UNDP signs local governance and democracy project into action

Haveeru Daily
Feb 28, 2011 - 12:00
  • UN Resident Coordinator Andrew Cox and Home Minister Hassan Afeef sign the project agreement aimed at ‘Strengthening Local Democracy and Governance in the Maldives’. HAVEERU PHOTO/ MOHAMED SAJID

By David Stephens

MALE, February 28 (HNS) - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative and UN Resident Coordinator, Andrew Cox, today signed open the UNDP’s new project geared towards ‘Strengthening Local Democracy and Governance in the Maldives’.

The project, which is being supported under the UNDP’s Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF) and is set to cost $338,000, aims to “promote citizens’ participation, decision making and to emphasize local accountability.”

“This is a very timely project and many questions about how local governance and local democracy will develop in the Maldives still remain, but it’s very important at this stage to get some of the basics right,” Cox said, while speaking at the signing of the project between the UNDP and the Home Minstry.

He said some of the areas the project would cover include laying out the framework for local government, strengthening leadership and administrative functioning of local government and promoting the leadership of women.

Cox revealed that the UNDP will initially work with the Ministry of Home Affairs until such time as the local government authority is fully functional. However, the world body’s local representative did stress that the project would also see the collaboration of the Civil Service Commission and all the councils involve.

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