Maldives Police continue search for a dangerous criminal

Haveeru Daily
May 08, 2011 - 12:00
  • Abdulla ‘Gaalendo’ Naseer/Dhaftharu No. 7176.

MALE, May 8 (HNS) – One out of the nine people, who have been identified by the police as dangerous criminals, is still on the loose, police said today.

Spokesperson for the Maldives Police Service, Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police are still searching for Abdulla ‘Gaalendo’ Naseer/Dhaftharu No. 7176, who had been arrested over 11 times.

Five cases related to him have been sent to the Prosecutor General’s (PG) office, he added.

However, Head of police’s Serious and Organised Crime Unit, Abdulla Nawaz told journalists on April 14 that Naseer was in custody for an alleged theft.

Most of the criminals, whose pictures were made public by the police, had been arrested and their custody period extended.

The police, however, said two out of the arrested men, Madih Mohamed of Snow Rose/Thundee Ward in Laamu atoll Gan; and Ahmed Shareef of Ehgamuge/Gaafu Dhaal atoll Rathafandhoo, have been released as their custody period expired.

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