Situation didn't permit me to meet the officers at the Republic Square: Former Police Chief

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Sep 07, 2012 - 01:45 2 comments
  • Former Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh: He has stressed that he had done nothing during his time as the Police that would warrant action against him. FILE PHOTO

Former Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh last night revealed that he had not met the mutinying Police officers at the Republic Square on the night of February 6 and on the morning of February 7, as the situation at the time had not permitted him to do so.

The report following the investigation into the Police actions on February 6-7 publicized by Police Integrity Commission had revealed that Faseeh had acted in violation of the constitution and Police Act and action would be taken against him accordingly. Police Integrity Commission in its report had further stated that it has decided to take action against some heads of the Police Service in addition to Faseeh.

Faseeh who had not spoken publicly in relation to the events of February 6-8, in a brief interview with Haveeru stressed that though Police Integrity Commission's report had revealed that he had refused to meet with the mutinying Police officers at the Republic Square, he had sent his deputy Ahmed Muneer to do so.

He further said that he had ordered the withdrawal of Police from the Artificial Beach area as the the then opposition coalition and ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest was ongoing after the military was deployed to the area as per orders of the then Home Minister Hassan Afeef.

"Home Minister said that the confidence in the Police were now lost. Once he said that and when the military was deployed there I ordered the withdrawal of Police from the area. President (Mohamed Nasheed) had also called. But I receive orders from the Home Minister," Faseeh who had retired from the Police Service following the downfall of former President Mohamed Nasheed on February 7 said.

Faseeh also said that he had done nothing as the then Police Chief that warranted action against him.

On that note, he added that though he was no longer in service of the Police he still wished them well and would never wish any misfortune befall them. He stressed that while he was in the Police, the safety and security of his officers was paramount.

"Hence I'm not one to turn my back when the Police are facing a dire situation," Faseeh said.

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