Commonwealth statement seems to back a certain party: Government

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Mar 17, 2012 - 03:34 2 comments
  • Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dhunya Maumoon speaking during the press conference today. PHOTO/ NASRULLAH SOLIH

The government today criticized the statement issued by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) expressing concern at the lack of progress achieved through the all party talks as promoting the rights of a certain individual or group.

Addressing journalists’ today state minister of the ministry of foreign affairs Dhunya Maumoon said that it is worrying that is was stated in CMAG’s statement that the enquiry commission established by the government was not receiving much cooperation from political parties.

“We’re seeing from that statement, backing being given to a certain individual and group. But we won’t completely say so, because the statement had also expressed several positive points about the government. It highlighted the government’s initiative in initiating the all-party talks, and expressed concern over the stymieing of the opening of parliament. A statement was issued about the matter on March 1 as well. I would say the commonwealth has also immensely supported the work of the government,” she said.

She noted that following the resignation of former president Mohamed Nasheed, then vice president Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik assumed presidency in accordance with the constitution, and that it is surprising the commonwealth is pressing for a date to be fixed for an early election.

She said that the government was willing to hold an early election, but for that to happen, constitutional amendments are needed which could only brought about through the parliament.

“We have set a calm and peaceful environment and make our institutions more liable and transparent in their work; otherwise an early election will worsen the situation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say the country might get plunged into a civil war following an election if one party does not accept the results of the vote given the divisions that currently exist. We don’t want to witness such a situation in the country,” she said.

She explained that besides the commonwealth no other organization had expressed any interest in the political situation of the Maldives and that as things became clearer more countries have begun to believe and back the government.

“Our hope is that the UN and neighboring countries help us alleviate the situation, it’s a request of the government and not impose their will on us,” she stressed.

She further said that the government will cooperate with the commonwealth special envoy Rt Hon Sir Donald McKinnon who arrived in the country yesterday.

The government also welcomed the latest statement issued by the commonwealth, she concluded.

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