Riot police ‘invade’ Funadhoo after Milandhoo Court order

Haveeru Daily
Mar 01, 2011 - 12:00
  • Police in riot gear patrol outside the atoll council secretariat in Funadhoo on March 1, 2011. HAVEERU USER PHOTO/ MAMDHOOH

MALE, March 1 (HNS) - Riot Police are in Shaviyani atoll Funadhoo, following the court order issued by the Milandhoo Magistrate Court last evening to the Shaviyani Atoll Council, that the Secretariat of the council should be run in Milandhoo.

The President of Shaviyani Atoll Council, Moosa Fathhy said police are patrolling the roads of the island in what he described as “an invasion of the island”.

“Police are also patrolling the junctions between the roads and are asking people not to go out,” he said.

“I don’t understand why the riot police came to the island. Reports say that the police are in the island to execute the court order issued by the Milandhoo Court, but we don’t believe that the police can take sides when there are two court orders in the same case.”

The court order issued by the Milandhoo Court said the building in Milandhoo, which earlier housed the atoll office, was declared by the president, according to the laws, as the atoll council’s secretariat.

The court ordered all the relevant institutions to immediately open the office building in Milandhoo and give their full cooperation in running the atoll council’s secretariat at the building.

Funadhoo court, however, issued a court order to the Maldives Police Service not to impede the council’s work carried out in Funadhoo.

The President of the council said the council’s stand is to continue running its secretariat in Funadhoo.

“We have two court orders in our favour; one is the court order issued to the police not to hamper the work of the council. The police have to respect it,” he said.

Faththy noted that the council is carrying out its work in Funadhoo.

Police spokesperson, Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the police are in Funadhoo in order to urge the council to respect the court order issued by Milandhoo Court.

“There are two contradicting court orders in this case. The Police are in Funadhoo to appeal [the council] to respect the court order issued by the Milandhoo Court. Along with that the police are also protecting the state assets in the office,” he said.

A team from the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), consisting of Kanditheemu MP Mohamed Hussein, Thoddu MP Ali Waheed and Hithadhoo MP Hassan Latheef, travelled to Funadhoo this afternoon.

DRP Council Member Ahmed Mohamed, and the party’s Home Affairs Advisor Abdulla Riyaz and Infrastructure Advisor Thoriq, are also scheduled to meet with the Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) in Male today.

The party is expected to file complaints about the situation in Kaafu atoll Thulusdhoo and Shaviyani atoll Funadhoo.

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