Goat killed by four Maldivians’ gruff treatment

Haveeru Daily
Apr 04, 2011 - 12:00
  • Residents of Haa Dhaal atoll Makunudhoo gather around the nanny goat, which died after four men allegedly conducted sexual activities with it. Police have questioned the four. HAVEERU MMS 2323 PHOTO

MALE, April 4 (HNS) – Four young men, including an 18-year-old, accused of stealing and being sexually inappropriate with a goat which eventually died, have been taken in for questioning by the police today.

All the suspects, except the 18-year-old who is from Makunudhoo, are from Haa Dhaal atoll Neykurandhoo, according to Ahmed Wafir, a member of the Makunudhoo Island Council, which governs the island in Haa Dhaal atoll on which the incident occurred.

“After reports of the incident spread through the island, the police stationed in Kandhitheemu came to the island and took the statements of the four suspects,” Wafir said.

Wafir said the men stole the goat, which he identified as a pregnant nanny goat, contrary to the comment of the council’s Secretariat that it was a billy goat, from a goat pen on the island and led it to a sand bank where they proceeded to engage in several sexual acts with it, which finally led to its death.

“The goat was in a serious condition and was about to die. We had discussions with religious scholars on the island and decided to slaughter the goat,” he said.

The four are suspected of bestiality as they were seen near the goat pen during the sunset hours on Saturday, he added.

The council member stressed that rumours of bestiality were being circulated in the island ever since people began to operate goat pens in the island.

“I also used to operate a goat pen, and sexual activities were conducted with the goats once a month and sometimes, even for three consecutive days. Two goats also died due to bestiality,” he said.

“Some items used for sexual activities were found near the goat pen.”

Although police are questioning the suspects, the Spokesman for the Maldives Police Service, Ahmed Shiyam, said no-one had been arrested.

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