PPM to participate in mass protest against 'irreligious' SAARC monuments

Abdullah Jameel, Haveeru News Service
Nov 26, 2011 - 02:36 1 comment
  • Protestors walk on Majeedee Magu Male during a demonstration held on November 25, 2011 in Maldivian capital against the UN right chief's comments on flogging and the country's constitution. HAVEERU PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

Opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) is to participate in the mass protest being organised by the NGOs alliance against the "irreligious" monuments erected in Addu for the SAARC Summit.

PPM's protest committee member Ahmed Siddiq told journalists today that the party decided to participate in the protest set for December 23 in order to prevent the government from spreading irreligious practices in the country.

Siddiq accused the government of being behind the comments made by UN human rights chief Navi Pillay on Thursday against flogging women and the constitutional provision that requires every citizen to be a Muslim.

The member condemned the parliamentarians for listening to Pillay's address without stopping her.

Siddiq, who further accused the government of supporting anti-Islamic activities in the Maldives, demanded President Mohamed Nasheed to publicly apologise to the people for the UN rights chief's comments.

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