Kandholhudhoo residents now requesting to be shifted

Haveeru Daily
Jun 07, 2004 - 12:00

MALE, June 7 (HNS) -- Residents from environmentally devastated island Kandholhudhoo in Raa atoll are now requesting to be shifted to a safer island, Atolls Development Minister Abdulla Hameed said.

A report has been compiled on the island’s situation and forwarded to concerned authorities, Hameed told Haveeru.

“We are searching for ways to save the island, but I think that in the end the people may have to shift to another island,” the minister said.

“The government has not yet taken a decision on the matter.”

Hameed said that it is a difficult and costly process to shift a whole population to another island. He elaborated that it is not the government’s policy to increase the number of inhabited islands.

The minister said that some residents of Kandholhudhoo wanted the whole community to be shifted to a single island so that they can stay together. However, that will be a difficult task, the minister said.

“But if that is what the people want, then the government will give due consideration to this request,” Hameed said.

In earlier days, the people of Kandholhudhoo dismissed the idea of abandoning their hometown and moving to a new island.

Due to this, the government reclaimed land to provide relief to the congested island. However, during rainy weather, tidal waves still bombard the island causing various damages. The island’s water table is already saline.

During last month’s rainy days, some 100 homes were flooded, resulting in 30 families being temporarily evacuated to the school premises.

It was only after two days of pumping out water by the residents and the National Security Service that the island was finally freed from floods.

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