Police detain Dr. Jameel again

Jan 19, 2012 - 12:18 1 comment
  • Dr. Jameel speaking to the press after his release on Tuesday night following a court order. PHOTO/ IBRAHIM FAID

Police have detained Vice President of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed for the second time in three days as soon as he arrived at the police station after he was summoned at 8.30 tonight.

Dr. Jameel who had been detained before, was only released Tuesday night following an order by the Criminal Court after he was summoned and subsequently detained by police on Monday night.

Police had charged Dr. Jameel under section 125 of the penal code for making fabricated statements against the government. However, the criminal court had declared that it was in direct conflict with article 27 and 66 of the constitution which allows freedom of expression and hence the penal code section was deemed invalid.

Lead lawyer of Dr. Jameel and President of DQP Dr. Hassan Saeed stated that his client has been transferred to Dhoonidhoo detention facility shortly after the arrest.

He also revealed that after the police had “taunted” his client, Dr. Jameel had exercised his right to remain silent because he believed that the police were not investigating an actual case.

This time police have charged him with publishing material that was in violation of article 4 of the religious unity act and also violating article 37 and 38 of the penal code by committing acts to detriment the government, Dr. Saeed added.

The police are believed to be referring to the booklet distributed by DQP last week which contained claims that President Nasheed planned to undermine Islam and introduce other religions into the country.

A press release by President’s office this morning had labeled the DQP booklet as a “pamphlet of hate” and accused the party of creating hatred and undermining the religious harmony of the country.

After a case was filed in criminal court tonight following Dr Jameel’s arrest, the court has issued an order to the police to present Dr. Jameel in court at 10.00 tomorrow morning.

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