Issues found in justice being served: HRCM

Feb 01, 2012 - 11:00
  • HRCM members at yesterday's Independent Commissions Committee. HAVEERU FILE PHOTO

Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) said yesterday that there were various deficiencies in justice being served in the country.

Speaking during the Parliament’s Independent Commissions Committee regarding the unconstitutionally detained Criminal Court’s Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the Special Forces, HRCM President Mariyam Azra said that the issues surrounding the infringements of the right to justice have been submitted to the relevant authorities.

She also stressed the importance of protecting the individual rights of the people guaranteed by the constitution.

“I believe that the fundamental right to justice is essential and must be provided impartially to every citizen.  We have found quite obvious shortcomings within the judiciary and we have forwarded them as recommendations to the relevant entities of the system as we are not the enforcing authority”, Azra added.

When asked whether the HRCM had the jurisdiction to invade the authority of another entity, Azra stated that HRCM had the authority to investigate any issues pertaining to violations of individual rights.

During the meeting Azra repeatedly urged all parties to function within the boundaries of the constitution.

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