BBC threatens legal action against Raajje TV over live telecast of Nasheed HARDtalk interview

Mohamed Visham, Haveeru Online
Feb 15, 2012 - 08:34 6 comments
  • The image off the video from BBC shows former President Mohamed Nasheed during his interview with HARDtalk last night at Raajje TV studio: BBC has threatened legal action against Raajje TV for the illegal live broadcast of the interview.

BBC has threatened legal action against local television station Raajje TV for broadcasting an interview with former President Mohamed Nasheed live as it was being recorded, and prior to BBC World News broadcasting the interview today.

Raajje TV had broadcast live whilst BBC’s HARDtalk was conducting the interview with Nasheed last night, following the recent events in the Maldives.

An email from the Producer of HARDtalk, Heather Shiels to Raajje TV expressed disappointment for the actions and stated that it was “clear breach of both contract and copyright and the BBC editorial guidelines”.

“This is not something we would ever agree to and did not in this case.  You never asked permission to broadcast our interview live and permission would not have been granted,” the email read.

“We have asked our lawyers to investigate this matter,” she added in the email.

The email also said that the interviews are recorded as live for future broadcast on BBC World News alone and they will be issuing a statement distancing them from the actions of Raajje TV.

The issue with BBC came after Maldives Broadcasting commission (MBC) had ordered the immediate cease of the illegal broadcast of private television station Raajje TV outside of Capital Male.

The announcement by the commission stated that the broadcasting license agreement with Raajje TV operator Media Ring pvt ltd only allowed the channel to broadcast through cable operators in the Male region.

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