Maldives has seen a new sort of coup: Dr. Hassan's audio

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Feb 27, 2012 - 02:20 2 comments
  • President Waheed and Dr. Hassan Saeed having a discussion. PHOTO/ PRESIDENT'S OFFICE

An audio clip of Advisor to the President Dr. Hassan Saeed, saying that former President Mohamed Nasheed had been ousted in a "new sort of coup" has been leaked on social media networks.

This audio clip has been leaked after a similar audio of Dr. Hassan saying that the new President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik is the “weakest” politician in the country had been leaked yesterday.

In the audio clip believed to be leaked sometime last night, Dr. Hassan is heard explaining the definition of a coup supposedly to a group of political science students.
Dr. Hassan had discussed how the leaders of Egypt, Philippines and Libya were treated after they had been toppled in a coup.

“That’s the way, by definition and in practice how a coup takes place. Hence what we have witnessed in the Maldives is a new category of a coup. We have a coup,” Dr. Hassan said.

However, he added that Dr. Waheed had assumed office in accordance with the constitution after Nasheed had announced his resignation.

“It’s a unique case for us to study. We have to add a new category to the definition of a coup. This is different to what we have come to associate with a coup. The person who came after the coup is different. The way the ousted person was treated after the coup is also different.”

In response to the leaked audio, Dr. Hassan said that the audio was a part of the audio that was leaked yesterday, recorded during the same conversation he had with a group of students on his recent visit to UK.

He told Haveeru that he had tried to clarify to the students that “if what the Maldives had seen was a coup, then it must have been a new type of coup.”

“For example former Prime Minister Bhutto was hanged after the coup in Pakistan. Gaddafi was killed after the coup in Libya. Marcos had escaped in Philippines. Therefore I told them that if what we had in the Maldives is a coup, none of those things happened here. The new President gets protection from the security forces, holds cabinet meetings and is able to visit and meet people. The ex-President also receives protection and his movements are not restricted. That’s why I said that if this is a coup then it definitely is a new sort of a coup,” Dr. Hassan explained.

Dr. Hassan who is currently in Fuvahmulah with President Waheed, stated that the audio had been edited in an effort to deceive the people.

Maldives has seen a new sort of coup: Dr. Hassan Saeed

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