I quit as I was not accepted by MDP: Inthi

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Feb 29, 2012 - 01:22
  • In a ceremony held at the Jumhooree Party office last night, MDP administrative chairperson Mohamed Imthiyaz shaking hands with party leader Gasim Ibrahim after joining JP. PHOTO/ IBRAHIM FAID

Former MDP Administrative Chairperson Mohamed "Inthi" Imthiyaz has said that he quit Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and joined pro government, Jumhooree Party because he was not accepted by the party.

Speaking to Haveeru, Inthi said that even though he was at a high ranking Secretariat level within MDP, humiliation and rejection was a serious issue.

“A person elected as island chief should not be made to do a peons work, which is what I believe. I did not get the opportunity to work at the level of the position I had occupied. Being the deputy of the chairperson, I did not want to do unrelated work” he said.

He added claimed that if someone gets elected without the backing of  the party’s “inner core”, former President Mohamed Nasheed or former chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi they would simply use an “isolating” policy towards the person.

Inthi believes that he was set aside because he was not the choice of the influential members of the MDP. He also said that chairperson administrative position is a secretariat level position that is allocated salary but had been agreed to the contrary.

He also believes that the decision not to offer a salary to the position had only been passed with the influence of these high ranking MDP officials.

“There are loyal people within MDP, but the fact is there is no opportunity for those other than the people from its inner core. If someone else gets elected when there is someone the inner core approves of, he must go, which is what happened to Ibrahim “Ibra” Ismail and Dr. Munawar. Even now, current MDP president Dr. Ibrahim Didi is still maintaining his position as he does not want to recreate what happened to Ibra before. Inner core wants me to back down, may be because they could not accept the fact that I was elected upon 72 percentage of the votes.”

Inthi said that he had signed for Jumhooree Party as they were willing to pay him a salary and that he had made no demands.

In the ceremony held last night, six other high ranking branch officials had joined Jumhooree Party after leaving MDP. Famed businessman and former MDP member Abdulla Jabir had also joined Jumhooree Party a few weeks ago.

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