Several arrested from MDP's continued protest site last night

Mar 07, 2012 - 09:12
  • Window of Galolhu Police Station smashed during the unrest last night. HAVEERU PHOTO

  • MDP podium at Lonuziyaarai Kolhu during the unrest at the area last night. HAVEERU MMS PHOTO.

Police have arrested several people from the site of the Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) continued protest after violence and unrest ensued again last night.

Some MDP supporters had left Lonuziyaarai Kolhu around midnight on a motor cycle ride in protest and chanting anti- government slogans.

Although the protesters violated several traffic rules, the ride was relatively peaceful until some of the protesters had smashed an outer window of a police station in Male according to a police SMS.

The Police SMS further stated that some of the protesters had entered the traffic police station and tried to inflict damages to the equipment.

Later, the MDP podium and some of the equipment at the main protest site at Lonuziyaarai Kolhu had been damaged, and onlookers claimed that the perpetrators had been police officers and had even arrested a truck load of MDP supporters from the site.

However, Police SMS noted that “police had arrested a group from Lonuziyaarai Kolhu after they had attacked a police vehicle in Henveiru Kolhu and retreated into the area.”

The SMS further claimed that a "number of police officers had sustained various injuries during the incident."

The numbers of people taken into custody or further details regarding the arrests have not been confirmed so far.

Shortly after the incidents, an unconscious man bleeding from the leg was rushed to the hospital on a motor cycle, and the motorist who had brought him in had claimed that “police had beaten the man up and tossed him inside the park at Lonuziyaarai Kolhu.”

Speaking from Lonuziyaarai Kolhu, Hoarafushi constituency MP Ahmed Shareef warned the police that they would not budge from the protest site and would retaliate if the police continued to beat up and attack MDP members.

MDP members had patrolled the Lonuziyaarai Kolhu later, armed with iron bars, tube lights and stones, however further clashes had not been reported last night.

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