Another video of Nasheed at Army HQ leaked

Mar 11, 2012 - 06:08 4 comments
  • An image captured off the video leaked on social media networks today.

Another video of former President Mohamed Nasheed's furious reactions inside Army Head Quarters (HQ) on the day of the transfer of power has been leaked on social media networks today.

Prior to the less than two minute video leaked today, two other videos had also been leaked, recorded when Nasheed had been inside Army HQ on February 7.

However the latest video has by far the clearest images and audio and had been recorded by someone who had been right beside the officers inside army HQ.

The video leaked today presumably shows the moments following former President Mohamed Nasheed’s entry inside the barracks after meeting with the police officers protesting at the Republic Square.

The video shows former President Mohamed Nasheed and former Defence Minister Thalhath Ibrahim Kaleyfaanu ordering “Hey come out with the shields” at the army officers to head outside and control the crowd.

“Why are you all so calm, go control the crowd” Tholhath said “Do you want the army to be humiliated in front of the police”.

The video shows former President Nasheed ordering “Go deal with the situation, the whole country is in chaos, murmuring command or whatever…”

The video shows him pacing furiously while army officers are seen heading out of army HQ. The video also shows former chief of defence force Moosa Ali Jaleel instructing the officers out of the army HQ “Quickly quickly quickly.. make it quick”.

Dhaandhoo MP Mohamed Riyaz is also seen at the scene urging the officers out of army HQ. At the end of the clip former foreign minister Ahmed Naseem is also seen encouraging the officers “You all should never do this… you can achieve this”.

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