Fishermen subsidy to be given next month

Ahmed Rishan, Haveeru Online
Mar 24, 2012 - 12:32
  • Fishermen at Seenu Atoll Maradhoo Feydhoo harbor: Fisheries Ministry said yesterday that the Rf100 million in fishermen subsidies would be disbursed next month. PHOTO/ AHMED ADHSHAN

Deputy Minister of Fisheries Ali Solih said yesterday that the subsidy for fisherman allocated in this year's state budget would be given out through the course of next month.

In response to a question from Haveeru, Solih further added that process of dispersing the Rf100 million included in the budget as subsidy for fisherman was ongoing and the matter of the payout would be submitted to the cabinet and the financial committee of the Parliament accordingly.

“Dhivehi Rayyitunge Party (DRP) had strongly advocated about giving subsidy for fisherman. The previous government had bled the state budget dry. But as promised by the President that all developments would go according to the original schedule, the subsidy for fishermen is also a necessity. Henceforth the matter would be submitted to the financial committee to work out a way for the disbursement of funds,” Solih added.

The Rf100 million in subsidies had been withheld by the government due to insufficient funds in the state budget.

Former President Mohamed Nasheed had said earlier that the deduction of duty from diesel for fishermen was equivalent to the allocated subsidy.

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