Former Ministers Shihab, Afeef and Latheef attacked

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Mar 30, 2012 - 01:59 1 comment
  • Former Finance Minister Mohamed Shihab: He claims that he was attacked along with Hassan Latheef and Hassan Afeef last night. FILE PHOTO

Former Finance Minister Mohamed Shihab, Home Minister Hassan Afeef and Youth Minister Hassan Latheef of Former President Mohamed Nasheed's administration was attacked last night.

The three former Ministers had been attacked around 12.30 last night near the Mookai Hotel area whilst they were riding in three motorcycles. 

Shihab and Latheef were travelling with their respective spouses whilst Afeef had been the passenger on the third motor cycle.

Shihab recounted the incident last night and said that the attackers had ambushed them near a road near Mookai Hotel. He said that the group had hit him on the face and attacked his wife.

The assailants then had chased down Afeef and attacked him after they had done the same to Latheef and his wife, Shihab revealed.

However, Hassan Latheef and Afeef were unreachable to obtain their comment on the incident.

Shihab had confirmed that an activist of pro-government Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) had been among the attackers. He added that he would be able recognize the man if he saw him again.

"At the time of the incident some PPM members had been near Kam Hotel. I recognized some of them. I saw the current Deputy Youth Minister Rifau (Bochey). He his one of leading members of PPM activities," Shihab said.

"They smacked me across the mouth. My wife is still having pain in the knees. We were attacked when we were moving slowly behind a traffic jam."

About one hour prior to the attack on the three former Ministers, a group of people had broken into the residence of PPM council member Ahmed "Maaz" Saleem and attacked him.

PPM has accused that Saleem had been attacked by some MDP supporters who had participated in the MDP march last night.

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