Musthafa refuses to accept election result

Hussain Fiyaz Moosa, Thaa Atoll Thimarafushi, Haveeru Online
Apr 14, 2012 - 09:47
  • As the votes in one of the ballot boxes of the Thimarafushi constituency is counted, an observer of the PPM candidate Ahmed Shareef notes down the figures. PHOTO/ NASRULLAH SOLIH

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) candidate and former Thimarafushi constituency MP Mohamed Musthafa said tonight that he refused to accept the result of the Parliamentary bi-election for the Thimarafushi constituency and alleged that there were "major issues in Guraidhoo."

Musthafa claimed that the 800 people who had voted in Guraidhoo was a figure difficult to fathom.

"There wont be that many people in Guraidhoo. That amount of people would not come out to vote in that island," said Musthafa during the first media interview since the result of the vote.

Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) candidate Ahmed Shareef had received 1,755 votes while Musthafa had received 1,327 votes in the Thimarafushi constituency bi-election today.

Musthafa also said that the over 3,100 people who had voted in the bi-election was a figure that was highly questionable.

In addition the observer of independent candidate Abdul Rasheed 'Absy' Abdulla who had been denied the opportunity to be present near the Guraidhoo ballot box and being taken into police custody was another reason why the result was unacceptable, Musthafa added.

Though Absy had contested the election he had supported Musthafa in the poll.

"We could not assign an observer for one of the ballot boxes in Guraidhoo. Absy's observer was arrested. These are major issues," Musthafa stressed.

As the voting was taking place, five people had been arrested after a window of the Guraidhoo council office was smashed.

Absy has also claimed that he did not accept the result from Guraidhoo, as his observer could not be present near the ballot box as he had been taken into police custody.

His observer had been among the five people arrested in relation to the smashed window of the Guraidhoo council office.

The Elections Commission focul point in Guraidhoo Shahla Ahmed said that Absy's observer had not been allowed to be present near the ballot box as his name had not been previously noted as an observer.

His name had been noted as an observer for a ballot box in Male by mistake, Shahla explained.

"When they complained I had followed up the matter from the Elections Commission. He had applied as an observer for Guraidhoo ballot box but his name had been noted for a ballot box in Male by mistake. There was nothing else we could do," she added.

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