Early election must be for a five year term: MDP

Hassan Mohamed, Haveeru Online
Apr 19, 2012 - 04:46
  • MP Imthiyaz 'Inthi' Fahmy speaking during the MDP rally on January 27, 2012. PHOTO/ NASRULLAH SOLIH

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has reiterated the call for early presidential elections to be held this year by the Commonwealth and added that a five year term must be afforded after the election.

Speaking during a press conference MDP spokesperson Imthiyaz ‘Inthi’ Fahmy said that a presidential election must be held this year and a five year term must be given for whoever is elected.

He noted that the constitution needs to be amended if a presidential election for a five year term is held during this year, but that the process can only be facilitated once an election date is declared.

“We believe that an election held with such little time left must be for a five year term. However, in order to do what is necessary, a date that the election would be held must be declared first,” Inthi said.

“Without amending the constitution an early election for a five year term cannot be held. However before we can amend the constitution we need to determine if and when such an election would be held.”

In addition, Inthi had also highlighted the statement issued by the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) regarding the situation in the Maldives.

He noted that the Commonwealth had extended its assistance to instill democracy and a constitutional government in the Maldives.

To that end, Inthi warned that if the calls of the Commonwealth are not heeded by the government, they might take strict action against the Maldives.

“If any action is taken against our nation by an international partner, it would have grave implications on the people,” Inthi added.

“Government must heed the calls of the Commonwealth.”

Inthi further said that the MDP protests held from here on in would call on the government to heed the calls of the Commonwealth.

The CMAG statement Monday had called for a presidential election to be held during this year.

Also it said that the National Enquiry Commission established by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik to probe the circumstances surrounding the transfer of power "is not independent or impartial."

The Group further warned that, should the composition and terms of reference of the Commission not be amended within four weeks in a manner that is generally acceptable and enhances its credibility, CMAG would be compelled to consider further and stronger measures.

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