Work to repair submarine cable would begin on Wednesday: Dhiraagu

Abdullah Jameel, Haveeru Online
Apr 21, 2012 - 02:45 2 comments
  • Submarine cable being installed between Maldives in Sri Lanka in 2006: Internet services had been disrupted following a damage to the cable. FILE PHOTO

Telecom giant Dhiraagu has revealed that the work to repair the damage to the submarine cable installed between Maldives and Sri Lanka would commence on Wednesday.

Dhiraagu further said that the damage to the cable was inflicted by a vessel’s anchor 26km off Sri Lanka at a depth of 40 meters.

Internet service was cut off at about 10.30 last Wednesday night from various areas of the Maldives and had slowed down the internet connection after the incident.

The cable problem had also affected international calls afterwards.

The company had stated Thursday that the issue would be resolved and normal services would resume in two to three days.

However, Dhiraagu detailed that the vessel dispatched to repair the cable, Asia Explorer would reach Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

The company added that preparations were underway to accrue the equipment and cable needed for the repair prior to departure.

Dhiraagu also said that it was working in collaboration with the relevant authorities of Sri Lanka and the repair vessel to expedite the commencement of the work.

“When the issue had surfaced, priority had been given to allow for e-mail and internet browsing services via diversity routes. We are also seeking alternate ways to improve the level of service being provided at the moment,” company said.

Dhiraagu also revealed that satellite capacity had been increased to improve internet service and international calls from Maldives.

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