I don't recognize spiritual leadership: Alhan

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Apr 25, 2012 - 01:42
  • MDP Vice President and Feydhoo constituency MP Alhan Fahmy embraces former President Mohamed Nasheed after he stepped down as President: Alhan says he won't recognize "spiritual leadership" within any political party. FILE PHOTO

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Vice President and Feydhoo constituency MP Alhan Fahmy has said that he does not recognize "spiritual leadership" within any political party.

This statement made by Alhan during a program on private television station DhiTv last night, is believed to be referring to a “spiritual leadership” within MDP.

The reason being Alhan had been speaking against the declaration of former President Mohamed Nasheed as the highest authority of MDP.

Alhan claimed that a culture had manifested within MDP that forbid any member from speaking against Nasheed.

He added that any criticism against Nasheed is seen as an offence within the party.

“Things have gone to that extent. I don’t personally believe in spiritual leadership. I believe that a leadership must be based on acceptable ideals and principles. If the actions of any elected leader violate our beliefs, we must be able to criticize and oppose such a leader. It is unacceptable that a party founded on strong principles and the thoughts of more than 150 members in our national congress are synchronized with the views of just one person,” Alhan said.

He also added that as the MDP was no longer the ruling party, there would be no highest authority in the party.

MDP basic regulations state that a president representing the ruling party is the highest authority when the rule of the party prevails in the country.

“At this point in time the highest authority is the president of the party. According to the basic regulations Nasheed can no longer be deemed as the highest authority of the party. When the regime changed, we passed a resolution that declared that Nasheed and his cabinet were members of the national congress. After making such a declaration it is technically incorrect to pretend that MDP is still the ruling party and deem Nasheed as the highest authority,” Alhan detailed.

He stressed that the internal democracy of MDP must be strengthened and the party must now strive to reclaim the rule of the country.

In order to achieve that objective, when the circumstances prompts to give in or step back, the party must be willing to do so, he added.

“Political leadership does not mean that one must move forward all the time. Resorting to use of force does not mean such force mustn’t be withheld. That’s why I’m advocating in instilling such a culture within the party,” Alhan said.

He noted that the party must nominate a candidate for the next presidential election who would be able to win the polls and stressed that MDP must work towards that goal.

Alhan also said that it must be determined whether Nasheed was the ideal candidate to represent the party in the next presidential polls.

He stressed that he would not participate in activities of MDP that is held without prior consent or consultation within the party.

To that end, the recent street protests and the rallies held at the Usfasgandu area every night were being conducted under the directive of the former President, Alhan said.

He accused that such activities were being held outside the system and procedures of the party.

In response to a question why MDP functions according to the views of Nasheed, Alhan said that most members within the party were afraid to speak against the former President.

Alhan pledged that he would work towards resolving such issues within the party.

“I want to sustain the Maldivian Democratic Party as a belief and as a party. It must not be based on one person. We always claimed that Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party was not a political party. DRP only revolved around an individual. Hence if MDP turns out to be the same we would all be embarrassed. That must not happen,” Alhan noted.

Despite the differences of opinion Alhan stressed that he did not wish to resign from MDP as the party allowed for new leadership.

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