Celebrations of 40th anniversary tourism to last one whole year: Maleeh

Ahmed Rishan, Haveeru Online
Apr 28, 2012 - 10:38
  • Some students inspects a resort in Kaafu Atoll Bolifushi. FILE PHOTO

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Mohamed Maleeh Jamal has said that celebrations to mark 40 years since tourism began in the Maldives will extend for one whole year.

He said that the celebrations are being planned to be held in the most festive manner.

“I don’t yet know exactly what activities are being planned, but I know that activities are also being planned in the museum. Discussions are being held to decide what kind of activities to conduct to celebrate 40 years to the tourism industry of the Maldives,” Maleeh said.

Not much was done last year to celebrate World Tourism Day, and Maleeh backs this by saying that not much has been done to celebrate Tourism Day in the Maldives but that it is going to change this year and Tourism Day “will be a very different day” this year.

“Boosting tourist arrivals to one million is part of the preparations to celebrate World Tourism Day and there is a lot more to see yet,” he said.

The first tourist resort in the Maldives Kurumbaa Village was opened on October 3, 1972 thus 2012 marks 40 years since the industry began in the Maldives.

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