Nasheed appears in Police Integrity Commission

Fazeena Ahmed, Haveeru Online
May 02, 2012 - 05:28
  • Former President Nasheed with his supporters during the MDP protest on February 8. PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

Former President Mohamed Nasheed today appeared in the Police Integrity Commission to disclose details about how he was treated by the police on February 8, during the first Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) protest after his controversial resignation from office the day before.

President of the commission, Shahindha Ismail said that Nasheed visited the commission upon request, to present information regarding a complaint of police brutality on Nasheed received from MDP.

She added that Nasheed had provided the necessary information to the commission.

“He visited the commission on our request” she said.

One of Nasheed’s lawyers and Mahchangolhi constituency MP Mariya Ahmed Didi said on Monday that details of police brutality against Nasheed on February 8 would be shared with the police integrity commission.

“He will share the details of how the ‘coup’ was executed. He had cooperated with the Human Rights Commission of Maldives as well” Mariya said.

Nasheed had said that he was manhandled and physically abused by the police.
Other high ranking members of MDP alleged that they had witnessed the police drag Nasheed out of a shop located near the local market area.

Mariya said that investigating the change in government was one of the foremost efforts Nasheed plans to accomplish.

She added that the former President's aim was not to allow a ‘coup’ like this to take place in the Maldives or anywhere else in the world again.

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