No cause for anxiety in 100 days of government: President Waheed

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
May 18, 2012 - 11:26
  • President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik speaking during the press conference held yesterday afternoon, to mark the first 100 days since his assumption of office at the President's Office yesterday afternoon. PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has stressed he had not faced any obstacle in the last 100 days that had caused anxiety or apprehension.

Speaking during the press conference held yesterday afternoon, to mark the first 100 days since his assumption of office after the now controversial resignation of his predecessor Mohamed Nasheed, Waheed admitted that though he had not faced any issues to cause anxiety, there had been certain matters that were “troubling.”

“That is for example some people portraying the Maldives as a destroyed place, a bankrupt place and a place where there was no security have affected us. Due to the false but gruesome picture painted for the outside world our tourism has also been adversely affected. But Inshah Allah we have not been as adversely affected as we could have been. Our tourism is also gradually recovering,” President Waheed detailed during the press conference at the President’s Office.

While referring to the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) President alleged that some people had attempted to bring in outside influence into the internal affairs of the Maldives within the past 100 days.

To that end, their efforts had threatened the independence and sovereignty of the nation, President alleged and added that no outside party should be allowed to dictate the internal affairs of a nation.

“However, as you are aware, with the help of some close associates inside the Commonwealth and other foreign nations, they had been successful in placing the Maldives in the formal agenda of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) in violation of the Group’s policies and regulations. That is also something Commonwealth shouldn’t have done. I have repeatedly highlighted that fact and raised questions over the matter with the Commonwealth,” President said alleging that the Maldives had been placed in the formal agenda with the influence of MDP.

He further claimed that some countries agreed that the Commonwealth’s actions against the Maldives had been wrong, but no matter what the actions of the Commonwealth maybe, Maldives had nothing to hide.

“We remain open and transparent to reveal everything that has transpired. Hence we have extended the fullest cooperation to the Commonwealth in that regard,” President added.

“I’m quite confident that we will be removed from CMAG’s formal agenda. That has been like a splinter in our backs but Inshah Allah this matter will also be resolved in the near future,” he said.

President Waheed further highlighted that the biggest achievement during his tenure in the last 100 days had been to encourage unity among the people and instill national spirit.

The President noted that the state of the country was not at an optimum, at the time of his assumption of office. Continuing on, the President said that the whole country had been politically divided and disharmonised, and that the economy was at an extremely low point.

Stating that a lot was still needed to establish and strengthen a modern democratic system in the Maldives, the President said that he would not take a step back in accomplishing it.

The President also said that his government respected all independent institutions established under the constitution, their reports, and decisions. The President reiterated that he would not influence any of the independent institutions or the judiciary of the country.

Noting that the biggest challenge the country faced today was that of the economic state, President Waheed said that a lot was required to stabilize the fiscal state of the country, and that a good number of measures had already been taken. The President also said that the country was facing a time of weakened social and moral values as well.

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