ID cards to be modified as smart cards

Fazeena Ahmed, Haveeru Online
May 28, 2012 - 11:12
  • People waiting in queue at the Department of National Registration to renew national identity cards: Efforts are underway to modify the ID cards into smart cards. FILE PHOTO

Home Ministry yesterday stated that it has started work to modify the current national identity card to a smart card which would include finger print information and can be used for different purposes.

Home State Minister, Ahmed Fayaz said that the project to upgrade the ID card is a major initiative undertaken in association with the Pension Administration Office and the National Planning Council. He said that discussions are underway to plan how the project can be carried out.

The Ministry detailed that the changes are being brought to the card to offer services such as drivers’ license and insurance from one single card instead of many. Home Ministry is also discussing on including fingerprint information from more than one finger.

The Ministry does not plan to renew all the cards at once, but to renew expired ID cards with the new smart ID cards. But it is yet undecided when the process will be initiated.

Home Minister Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said that the process of issuing ID cards had been a difficult when the new government assumed power. He added that the Department of National Registration had 23,000 cards to be issued at the time.

“But the number had since been decreased to a mere 3,000 in which 1,000 cards are in the normal queue without any issues, while 2,000 cards have had issues and the card owners have been informed to clarify and correct the issues related to it” Minister said.

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