Real possibility of being seen in another party: Didi

May 28, 2012 - 03:36 1 comment
  • Ousted MDP President Dr Ibrahim Didi: He has said that the time has come for him to leave MDP. FILE PHOTO

Ousted President of opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Dr Ibrahim Didi has said that there was a real possibility that he would be seen in another party in the near future.

Didi today said that the time has come for him to leave the party as he believes that the strife with prominent MDP officials would hinder his progress within the party.

“It is questionable if the issues can be resolved through democratic means. There is no guarantee whatsoever,” Dr Didi said in an interview with Haveeru.

He said that he has delayed leaving MDP in order to reveal the undemocratic and hidden agendas to its general members.

“Many people don’t know the reality of how the former two (MDP) Presidents were treated. They also quit on their own through frustration. Hence most general members are not aware of it. My aim is to reveal this truth to the public,” Dr. Didi said.

He further alleged foul play for the failure by the Elections Commission to decide whether he had been ousted from the MDP leadership in violation of the party’s basic regulation and pledged that he would take up the matter in court.

“I requested some documentation required for that from the party office. But haven’t received it even after 10 days” Didi said.

He said that he was in discussion with many people before the decision to leave MDP is made and that he would join a party that works in the best interest of the nation.

“We have to leave, when the time to leave the party comes. I believe that the time has come for me,” Didi said.

Didi had been ousted along with the Vice-President of MDP, Alhan Fahmy through a no confidence vote during the party’s National Congress meeting held on April 30.

Speaking to some media channels, Alhan had also indicated that he would leave MDP where rumors are rife that he would join pro-government Jumhooree Party before the Parliament convenes for its second sitting for the year early next month.

However, Haveeru was unable to contact Alhan for a comment.

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