Timeline intended to incline opinions in a specific direction: MDP

Hussain Fiyaz Moosa, Haveeru Online
Jun 07, 2012 - 08:56 2 comments
  • The current three members of the CNI: MDP has refused to accept the timeline of the events leading up to the regime change publicised by the Commission. FILE PHOTO

Opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has alleged that the timeline of the events leading up to the transfer of power was issued by the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) to incline opinions in a specific direction.

MDP Spokesperson International and Henveiru-south constituency MP Hamid Abdul Ghafoor stressed that the timeline had not been compiled by an independent Commission and hence would not be accepted.

“It is an issue that the timeline has been publicized at a time when the international community has questioned the Commission’s credibility and its composition had been revised after the government was in agreement,” Hamid detailed.

He further stressed that it was not the best practice to open such an issue for the opinion of the public when the investigation is yet to be concluded, while highlighting that it was contrary to the practices adopted by other countries.

Hamid also alleged that the sudden release of the timeline further demonstrated the lack of sincerity of the Commission.

“It’s difficult to establish who would stand to benefit when the insincerity of the Commission has been revealed,” he added.

“Even if the intention of releasing the timeline is to lean the views in a particular route, it would not be successful as the true events are all too clear to the people.”

Hamid noted the absence of the agreed additions to the CNI including the retired Judge from Singapore and the representative of former President Mohamed Nasheed when the timeline had been publicized.

He claimed that many MDP members are yet divulge their accounts of the events to the Commission.

However, Haveeru was unable to obtain a comment from the CNI in relation to the allegations of MDP.

The Inquiry Commission had stated that the timeline publicized in the CNI website was a compilation of the events of February 6-7 based on the information received to the Commission thus far, while stressing that the document was not the report of the CNI but had been drafted to obtain the opinion of the general public.

CNI further stated that if any amendments to the document need to be made, to forward detailed information of the events to the Commission before June 31.

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