Three companies submit proposals to develop Gan airport

Ahmed Adhshan, Seenu Atoll, Hithadhoo, Haveeru Online
Jun 10, 2012 - 03:56
  • A flight at Gan airport: Three companies have submitted proposals to develop Gan airport. FILE PHOTO

Addu International Airport Company Limited (AIACL) has revealed that three companies had submitted bid proposals by the deadline of the international tender announced by the company for party's interested in developing the International Airport in Seenu Atoll Gan.

Managing Director of AIACL and the State Trading Organisation (STO) Shahid ‘Shad’ Ali said today that three parties had submitted bid proposals by May 28,2012 to develop the airport in partnership with AIACL. He said that the winning bidder will be announced within 10 days to the media.

“There are three international bidders. The board is now reviewing these companies and collecting further information on them. And the board has decided thus that the names of the bidders will not be revealed to the media yet. But the shortlisted company will be revealed in about 10 days,” he said.

Shahid assured that three companies contending for the bid to develop the second international airport in the country are very capable and reliable.

“It can be noted that the three companies are very capable. The only difficulty would be to secure finance. But we’ve given them a time period to think over the matter. There are options through which they can obtain finance. It will progress on fine,” he said.

Among the development projects to be undertaken are extending the runway, repairing the surface of the runway, repairing the apron and further developing the drainage and airport lighting system.

The government had even previously handed over the administration of Gan International Airport to a foreign company.

The administration of former President Mohamed Nasheed had signed an agreement with Dubai’s Supreme Fuel Trading FZE on June 17, 2010 to operate the Gan International Airport under a Public Private Partnership (PPP).

The government also gave the company 180 days to submit a development plan after signing the “Rehabilitation, Expansion, Modernisation, Operation and Maintennance Agreement”. However, on not receiving a response from the company afterwards the government had cancelled the agreement.

AIACL currently running the Seenu Gan International Airport is a joint venture company formed by STO, Gan Airport Company Limited (GACL) and Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

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