Military to receive 50 flats from Hulhumale

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Aug 20, 2012 - 02:15 1 comment
  • Flats being constructed in Hulhumale: Military is set to receive 50 flats from the units being constructed in Hulhumale. FILE PHOTO

Defence Minister Mohamed Nazim has revealed the decision to award 50 flats from Hulhumale to the military.

Addressing military officers last Wednesday, Nazim detailed that a committee has been formed to oversee the awarding of the flats which would be headed by Brigadier General Abdulla Shamal. Minister added that the committee would decide the recipients of the flats from the pre-set criteria.

"I have already informed the heads of the committee to draft the criteria to ensure that officers from all ranks are included. Hence the criteria would be announced very soon and the officers who meet the criteria would be awarded the flat in the next couple of months," the transcript of Nazim's speech publicized in the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) website read.

Nazim further said the government had set down conditions for the recipients to make the flats their own. He added that the government would also provide assistance to the officers who find it difficult to make the scheduled payments.

"I take this opportunity to inform you all that the government has made arrangements to facilitate the down payment and other relevant payments with the use of all institutions at its disposal," Defence Minister said.

Minister also revealed that efforts are underway to develop the empty lands of the military. To that end, he said that construction of a flat in the land at Villimale would commence during this year, while adding that discussions are currently ongoing with various parties on developing similar military land plots.

"I have already informed of our efforts to arrange accommodation within military quarters. For that purpose a nine storey building has been constructed. I want to inform of my intention to turn the building into accommodation quarters. I'm happy to note that over 90 have already been accommodated to a floor of this building," Nazim said.

He also stated that major changes needed to be made to the existing buildings of the military where the government had already agreed to allocate a budget for that purpose.

During the speech Nazim had also revealed that the military hospital would be officially opened next month. He added that it would be opened by the Indian Defence Minister during the visit to the Maldives from May 15-17.

"As soon as its opened the services from the doctors sent under the assistance the Indian government would become available. Then the services available from the hospital would be of the same standard as any other in the Maldives," he said.

The transcript of Nazim's speech had been publicized in the MNDF website after opposition Raajje TV had publicized an audio recording of parts of his address last Wednesday.

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