MDP blasts Judge Selvam over CoNI draft report

Fazeena Ahmed, Haveeru Online
Aug 27, 2012 - 12:27 1 comment
  • Judge Selvam (R) listens as Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) hold a press conference on July 5, 2012: The Commission's report is expected to be completed by the end of August. PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

The opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has severely criticized the co-chair of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI), retired Singapore Judge G P Selvam, claiming that he has shattered the hopes of the people and that he cannot be trusted.

Members of the party had yesterday said at the party’s 108th National Council meeting that they will not accept a report drafted by Selvam after former President Mohamed Nasheed’s representative to the commission Ahmed ‘Gahaa’ Saeed claimed that several proof had been omitted from the draft report, the finalized report of which will be publicized this Thursday.

At the meeting which was held at Dharubaaruge, former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem had said that Selvam has shattered the hopes of the people and treated them inhumanely. Naseem alleged that Selvam had brought the draft report from Singapore where he had prepared it and that they will not accept the draft.

“For the first time a coup has taken place infront of the people. Everything had been caught on video and the people had seen the situation unfold. We will not accept it when after such wrongdoings two to three parties ally and influence this. No member of MDP will accept such a report, we all agree,” Naseem said.

Baarah constituency MP Mohamed Shifaz said that when he found out the “steering direction” of the report of CNI yesterday that he was concerned and compared Selvam to the Chief Judge Abdulla Mohamed of the Criminal Court of the Maldives.

“Singapore’s Abdulla is implying that the way to change the government is to hurl stones at the main headquarters of the country. Singapore’s Abdulla is saying that the way to change the government is to hurl stones the Police headquarters. But that is not something we agree with, and that standard being applied is not a day we want to see in the Maldives. That’s a day we don’t want our very own children to see either,” Shifaz said.

He claimed that MDP did not want a Judge that did not have any values.

Shifaz also said that MDP had previously believed that Judges are “ignorant” only in the Maldives but that witnessing Selvam’s actions it proves that ‘ignorant” Judges live elsewhere as well. He also warned that if the report concluded that the events on February 7 at the Republic Square are not a crime then MDP can also change the government in a similar manner.

Member of the Male City Council Adam ‘Sarangu’ Manik who was also present at the council meeting also criticized Judge Selvam severely.  He said that the party had hoped the report by the commission would be impartial and transparent given a Commonwealth observer and Singapore Judge had been appointed to the commission. But he pointed out that the people have to accept that Singapore unlike Maldives “is not an independent Democracy.”
“They still have a government which is very similar to the one that existed here when Maumoon had been in power. So they would’ve had Judges who have a similar disposition to Judges that had been in the Maldives back then too,” Adam Manik explained.

He said that whatever conclusion Selvam reaches does not have to be accepted and “the people did not have to hang on to everything he did,” and called on MDP to rise to the occasion to set the matter straight.

Machchangoalhi-South constituency MP Mariya Ahmed Didi thanked Ahmed Saeed for disclosing the information on the draft report to the people and said at the meeting that accusing fingers will point at the commission if the report is finished in a rush driven by the deadline and called on the commission to not act in a rash manner.

She pointed out that the people have to come out for the sake of the nation in relation to the actions of February 7.

Member of MDP’s National Council and former Thimarafushi constituency MP Mohamed Musthafa said that Selvam has “taken a leaf out from the same book as that of the Judges of the Maldives.”

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