Not concerned by prosecution to oust me from presidential race: Nasheed

Sep 05, 2012 - 09:51
  • Former President Mohamed Nasheed gestures during a press conference: Nasheed has said that he is not concerned by his prosecution to oust him from the presidential race. FILE PHOTO

Former President Mohamed Nasheed last night has alleged that he was being prosecuted to stymie his candidacy for the next presidential elections and stressed that he was not in the least bit concerned because of it.

Speaking during his Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) rally last night at Usfasgandu, Nasheed said that the opportunity to rule does not come for prosecuting or ruining the chances of someone else. Nasheed stressed that he did not doubt his chances of contesting the next election if one looked back at how the events unfolded back in 2008.

"Even this time round, there is not a shadow of a doubt in my heart. Inshah Allah, I will win the elections in 2013 as your candidate," he said.

He further labeled the alleged attempts to prevent him contesting the elections, as evidence that MDP would win the next polls. Hence, the intentions are to conspire against the other candidates and force them out of the presidential race, Nasheed alleged.

"It’s not something I have seen in a presidential election. Since I reached the age to contest for political posts, the government in power has always tried to contest for the posts including the seats in Parliament. That is to create various obstructions to prevent me from contesting for any of these posts," Nasheed alleged.

The former President also expressed confidence that charging, prosecuting and convicting him would not be successful. He said that the rallies held in the name of "Journey to Justice (Insaafuge Dhathuru)" were to reform the judicial system in the Maldives. To that end, he alleged that the reports on the judicial system of the Maldives by various foreign bodies have not mentioned that the Courts of the Maldives delivered true justice, but had highlighted the measures that must be taken to reform the Courts.

"If they begin my trial it would be provide a great opportunity to bring the judicial system of the Maldives to the attention of the whole world. Hopefully the eyes of the world would be fixed on our judicial system including the Commonwealth, United Nations and other countries," he stated.

Though the foreign countries had highlighted the release of the Commission of National Inquiry's (CNI) report, no country had mentioned anything about its acceptance, Nasheed said.

Nasheed also stressed that MDP does not work for the thirst and benefits of power. He added that reforming the country was paramount for the party and stressed that the time has come to reform the justice system of the nation.

"I'm not concerned about my imminent prosecution because I don't see the courage and resolve of the members of the MDP just to be spectators while your candidate is being denied the chance to contest in the presidential election. Hence this not something we should be concerned about," Nasheed detailed.

He further said that while the "Direct Action" activities were ongoing, the party must continue its efforts for early elections. On that note, while pressing the need to open MDP camps, hold rallies and travel to the islets, he revealed of his plans to travel to Raa Atoll Alifushi tonight. He added that he would stay in the island for two to three days.

"Starting tomorrow, we will only stop once we win the election in 2013, with the result of the poll," Nasheed pledged.

Criticizing the rival parties in the government coalition, Nasheed stressed that the reasons for MDP's victory in the election were quite evident. To that end, he stressed that there was no party in the country that can compete or match MDP.

"PPM (Progressive Party of Maldives) still cannot decide who their presidential candidate would be. If their candidate is indeed former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom then from which party current President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik would contest the election would remain a mystery. We think it would be difficult for him to contest the elections from his own party," Nasheed said.

Nasheed predicted that if Gayoom contests the elections from PPM, due to the grievances of the members who would lose out would lead to conflict within the party.

He further pointed out that there are question marks over who is in power at present which was a government established by MDP back in 2008. He cast doubt over any political decisions that can be made without answering those questions.

"My concern is that Dr Waheed keeps making statements without establishing the facts. MDP does not wish to join the government. We are pointing out various policy issues as we know that the current government cannot be run. We know that the government does not have money to cover its increased expenses. We know that a few military and Police personnel have made the two institutions their own. We know that everything in this country is gradually declining. So it is our view that an election is needed to resolve these issues," he explained.

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