Roadmap Talks has failed because of MDP: Government

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Sep 12, 2012 - 03:01 3 comments
  • President Waheed (L), MDP Chairperson Moosa 'Reeko' Manik (C) and Moderator of the Leaders' Dialogue pictured after the sit-down held at Bandos Island Resort on September 2. FILE PHOTO

Government Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza today alleged that the All Party Road-Map Talks initiated by President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has failed due to opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Following the resignation of the Moderator of the Leaders’ Dialogue Ahmed Mujthaba today after the MDP decided to put its participation in the discussions on hold, Abbas stressed that one of the two initiatives of the President announced in February to resolve the political strife in the country has come to an end.

“But a lot of work still needs to be done through the Parliament. Several legislations need to be passed before the next presidential election. Hence the government calls on all political interlocutors to continue the work of the Parliament. But as the MDP has pulled out from the Leaders’ Dialogue, the government no longer believes that there a need to continue the discussions by appointing a new moderator. After the MDP pulled out only the pro-government parties remain. The views of these parties are similar on most instances,” Abbas detailed.

Abbas further hailed the completion of work of the Commission of National Inquiry (CNI) and subsequent result as a major achievement. However, the failure of the political party talks due to MDP was a concern for President Waheed, Abbas added.

“We condemn the actions of MDP at a time when our international partners have been urging for the continuation of the Leaders’ Dialogue. It’s a sign that MDP does not wish to resolve these issues through dialogue,” Abbas said.

Meanwhile, MDP Parliamentary Group’s Deputy Leader and Thoddoo constituency MP Ali Waheed welcomed the decision by Mujthaba to step down. He labeled the move by Mujthaba as a great service to the nation.

“There hasn’t been a result of the discussions held after Mujthaba’s monthly trips abroad. So there is no point for these discussions. There is no point in MDP participating in a discussion that does not include its views,” Ali Waheed explained.

He added that the decision of the Parliament over the CNI’s report must be clear. On that note, he stressed that the events of February 6, 7 and 8 must be assessed even if a special committee must be formed to do so.

“We want the Parliament to continue. But when the CNI report has declared that the power transfer was legitimate, there is no reason for MDP to be the opposition party. So decisions must be made regarding these grey areas by the Parliament,” Ali Waheed said.

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