Discussions underway to move trial of torching cases to Addu

Muizzu Ibrahim, Haveeru Online
Sep 13, 2012 - 03:13
  • The vehicles inside the Hithadhoo Police Training School torched during the violence on February 8: discussions are underway to move the trial of the cases over the torching of several buildings to Addu.

Criminal Court has revealed that discussions are currently underway to move the trial of the cases over the torching of several buildings in Addu on February 8 to the city.

Prosecutor General had filed the cases of nearly 80 people at the Criminal Court over the arson attacks. State has charged all the suspects with terrorism.

According to the Courts Act, Magistrate courts do not have the authority to hear cases of terrorism. Hence all terrorism cases must be filed with the Criminal and Juvenile Court in Male.

An official of the Criminal Court revealed that the Prosecutor General’s office and the Police are currently engaged in discussions in relation to moving the trial to Addu.

“So far no decision has been made and discussions are still ongoing,” official added.

PG’s office has also confirmed that the discussions are underway.

While the trial of the Addu arson attacks has begun, Criminal Court has found it extremely difficult to move forward with some of the cases. To that end, the failure to present some of the accused and witnesses alike has resulted in the cancellation of hearings. Even today, the hearing on the case of the arson attack in Hithadhoo was called off due to the failure to present witnesses in Court.

In addition, the limited space in the Criminal Court has also hindered court proceedings.

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