Some independent institutions ask for more budget

Hussain Fiyaz Moosa, Haveeru Online
Sep 16, 2012 - 01:55
  • Finance Minister Abdulla Jihad speaking during a press conference. FILE PHOTO

Some independent institutions have asked the Finance Ministry for an increase in budget.

Finance Minister Abdulla Jihad revealed today that the request of the institutions will be reviewed and would be given an increase if the budget constraints are too dire.

“We will release more funds based on the extent of the budget constraints,” Jihad added.

The budget constraints faced by some independent institutions have been caused by the 15 percent budget cut for all State institutions to minimize expenditure.

“The budget cut was enforced to minimize costs. Government expenditure can only be curbed if everyone works together,” Jihad stressed.

However, the Finance Minister did not disclose which of the independent institutions had requested for additional funds. But Haveeru has found that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Auditor General’s office are among the institutions that have put in a request for more budgets.

ACC’s Vice President Muavviz Rasheed explained that the 15 percent budget cut has made it difficult for the ACC “to carry out its legal responsibilities.” Hence, he added that the request has been made for additional funds of about MVR2 million.

“When the Finance Ministry first asked us, we cut down the budget as much as we could, which was about nine percent of our budget. But the 15 percent cut has had a heavy toll, which is why we have asked for more funds,” Muavviz explained.

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