Government to introduce four new schemes for students' financial aid

Aminath Shifleen, Haveeru Online
Sep 16, 2012 - 05:00
  • The draw of the recipents of the Alms Fund: Government is set to introduce four new schemes for students' financial aid tonight. PHOTO/ NASRULLA SOLIH

The government has revealed today, of plans to assist 1,000 students pursuing higher studies through new financial assistance schemes which is to be formally introduced tonight.

State Education Minister Aminath Ali said today that four schemes will be opened up under this aid program and they are the Tertiary Student Loan Scheme, Access Grant Scheme, Workforce Scheme and Merit Scheme.

She revealed that loans will be issued to students under the Tertiary Student Loan Scheme and would be a permanent scheme run by the government; scholarships will be awarded to gifted students with financial restraints under the Access Grant Scheme while the Workforce Scheme is targeted at the workforce in which the government pays 50 percent of the course fee while the employer pays the remaining 50 percent. The Merit Scheme is a scheme conducted by the government already.

The Education Ministry revealed that the government’s aim in introducing new financial aid is to help students and those pursuing higher education and to pave way for a more productive, better educated workforce.

“We will inaugurate the schemes tonight and then open up applications in a week,’ Aminath said.

Recipients of the ‘Alms Fund’ are to receive their statement tonight at a special ceremony to be held at the Islamic Centre.

A total of 500 scholarships were awarded under the ‘Alms Fund’ of which 451 were issued for studies in the country, 71 scholarships were issued for foundation studies, 160 were issued for diploma and degree studies and 60 were issued for Masters studies.

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