GMR head, board members depart after quick Maldives visit

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Sep 20, 2012 - 03:09 2 comments
  • GMR head Rao in speaking to Haveeru last December. FILE PHOTO

Head of the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) GMR, India G M Rao, board members of the company and a legal team who had arrived in the Maldives in the morning have departed this afternoon.

Haveeru has learned that the GMR’s contingent had arrived in the Maldives in a private jet around 9.00 this morning but had departed at 2.50 in the afternoon via Singapore Airlines.

When asked of the visit, GMR's CEO Andrew Harrison on Tuesday said that the company's business review would be carried out during this week. Without disclosing details, Harrison added that prominent members of the company would visit the Maldives for the review.

Rumors are rife that the contingent left after failing to secure appointments with some prominent members of the government. However, government Spokesperson Abbas Adil Riza stressed that so far no request has been received from the GMR’s team for an audience with President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. He further added that he had no knowledge of any meetings with other prominent members of the government.

Following Rao and his team’s visit to the Maldives, pro-government Adhaalath Party had called on President Waheed and the parties of the coalition government to refrain from any discussions with the team that could stymie the efforts to reclaim the INIA from GMR.

GMR is yet to comment on the rumors over the sudden arrival and equally sudden departure of the heads of the company.

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