Baby of 11 year old girl dies

Ahmed Adhshan, Seenu Atoll Feydhoo, Haveeru Online
Nov 02, 2012 - 04:07
  • Hithadhoo Regional Hospital: The premature baby of the 11 year old girl who gave birth yesterday evening has died early this morning while receiving treatment. FILE PHOTO

Seenu Atoll Feydhoo regional hospital today confirmed that the premature baby of the 11 year old girl who gave birth yesterday evening has died early this morning.

An official of the hospital revealed that the seven month old baby had passed away around 4:00am today.

However, no further details were divulged by the official.

Official said that the baby had died after the mother and the new born had been brought for further treatment to the hospital around 7:00pm last night. The young mother is doing fine, official added.

Reliable sources indicated said last night that the girl, a sixth grade student at the Feydhoo school had given birth at 6:05pm yesterday. The girl had alleged that she had been impregnated after being sexually molested.

"She came here with her mother complaining of constipation and stomach pain. Doctors had examined her and given an injection. But when she started to complain of severe pain, upon further examination doctors found that she was pregnant. The girl admitted that she got pregnant after someone had sexually molested her," an official of the health centre told Haveeru last night.

Haveeru had been unable to contact the Hithadhoo Family and Children Centre and the Police to obtain additional information over the incident.

However, reliable sources indicate that the 11 year old had been repeatedly sexually molested by several people.

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