Coast Guard carrying 'Hivvaru' survivors will dock in Addu: MNDF

Aminath Shifleen, Haveeru Online
Dec 11, 2012 - 04:36
  • Hivvaru boat: The survivors from the boat have been picked by a coast guard vessel.

Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has revealed that the Maldives coast guard vessel carrying the survivors from 'Hivvaru' boat will dock at Addu city.

Colonel Abdul Raheem said that the coast guard vessel that left for Maldives after picking up the eight survivors rescued by a Sri Lankan fishing vessel on Monday night will reach Addu city early Tuesday night.

Two of the ten people onboard that was found capsized by the Sri Lankan vessel on Saturday night, had died.

The casualties include a 76 year old Maldivian and a Bangladeshi national. There were six Maldivians and four Bangladesh nationals on board Hivvaru that had been reported missing after it left Male for Huvadhoo Atoll.

It is still unclear the reason behind the boat to stray so far off course. Though MNDF has now spoken to the survivors, not much detail has been revealed to the media thus far. However, the last person to contact the boat before it went missing quoted the captain having said “it is difficult to navigate due to rough seas.”

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