Political rivalry behind my axe, alleges Jameel

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
May 11, 2013 - 04:50
  • Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed pictured during the PPM campaign in Addu on Saturday: Now that he has been relieved of his ministerial post, he would now turn his full attention to PPM, Jameel said. PHOTO/ AHMED ADSHAN

Political rivalry was behind the decision to dismiss Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed from the post of Home Minister, Jameel said on Saturday.

Following his axe from his minister’s post by President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik earlier on Saturday, Jameel in an interview with Haveeru said while some leaders of the present coalition government had already announced candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, the present rivalry was expected even before the government was formed.

“Everyone joined the government not because there was a formula for a mutual presidential candidate and running mate for this year’s election. Everyone agreed on a common platform because there was a need to uphold the rule in accordance with the constitution. The present rivalry was expected even when we agreed for the coalition government,” Jameel who had also served in the cabinets of former President Mohamed Nasheed and Maumoon Abdul Gayoom said.

Jameel’s dismissal came after the President’s Office had asked him to consider stepping down as Minister, just before he was announced as Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) presidential candidate Abdulla Yamin’s running mate on Thursday evening.

“I am being informed by HEP Dr Waheed that I have been dismissed from my post as Home Minister for joining PPM & becoming running mate,” Jameel had said on his twitter page.

President’s Office believes that Jameel continuing to sit on the cabinet as a running mate of a presidential candidate could have conflict of interest, Haveeru had found.

However, Jameel refused to accept President’s Office’s reasoning. According to him, everyone must accept that running mates will be picked from both outside and within the coalition. There were no grounds within the Maldivian legal framework against such a move, he added.

Now that he has been relieved of his ministerial post, he would now turn his full attention to PPM, Jameel said.

Jameel further alleged that he had been dismissed to “defeat” or “shake” PPM.

“I believe that this is a message designed to stop the people who support PPM,” Jameel said.

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