Dhuvaafaru bid corruption case under investigation

Haveeru Daily
Jan 21, 2006 - 12:00

MALE, Jan 21 (HNS) – Haveeru Daily has learned from a trusted source that Finance Ministry has started investigating a case of corruption in which a bidder, who bid to build 600 houses in Raa atoll Dhuvaafaru for Kandholhudhoo islanders of the same atoll, used influence.

Haveeru has documents in which is a letter signed by Finance Minister Qasim Ibrahim addressed to Moreway Construction’s Manager Director Abdulla Arif which said that “because the matter is under investigation you are regretfully informed that a meeting is not possible.”

Moreway bid US$ 17.4 million (Rf 223 million) for the 600 houses to be built in Dhuvaafaru.

Amin Construction, the bidder accused of using influence by Moreway, bid US$ 18.2 million (Rf 233 million).

In a letter sent to the Finance Ministry on January 15 Moreway said that a senior staff of Ameen Construction had requested from a senior staff of Waste Management to talk in their favor if Finance Ministry calls them.

“That is in violation of bid document’s 24.1. That point says that if any of the bidders uses influence during bid evaluation or to have the results of the bid changed that bidder will be invalidated,” Moreway Construction’s Managing Director Abdulla Arif said Thursday.

“Therefore that bid must be invalidated. All relevant documents have been sent to Finance Ministry. We have filed this case very seriously. We presented the matter to the President’s Office as well.”

Finance Minister Qasim Ibrahim said Thursday that he cannot give any comments to Haveeru on this matter. Nor did he answer any question on whether they are investigating the case of alleged corruption.

Ameen Construction’s owner Abdulla Mohamed said Thursday that he was not aware any such thing.

“I have learned of this only now when you asked me this question,” Abdulla Mohamed said.

Moreway had even presented testimonials of different people in which they had said that Ameen Construction used influence.

The Dhuvaafaru project is the biggest project carried out to build houses for tsunami victims. The first bid was cancelled due to certain problems. The current phase of the project which is going on is bid evaluation.

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