Demand of Police on February 7 was valid: Integrity Commission

Ahmed Hamdhoon, Haveeru Online
Sep 06, 2012 - 01:37 2 comments
  • The clashes between the Police and military at the Republic Square on February 7. FILE PHOTO

Police Integrity Commission Thursday said that considering the events that preceded the Police mutiny, demanding the assurance of the then Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh that no illegitimate orders will be issued were valid and just.

The report publicized by the Commission following the investigation into the events of February 6-7, stressed that the Police had the constitutional right to protest and the probe had determined that several illegitimate orders were issued on them prior to the mutiny. Report further detailed that Faseeh had refused to recognize the officers protesting at the Republic Square on the morning of February 7 as Police officers and rejected the demand of the officers for assurance that no more illegal orders will be issued. According to the report the investigation has found that the assurance had not been given to the protesting officers even through the Deputy Police Commissioner.
The Commission further singled out Faseeh as responsible for the failure to control the Police protest at the Republic Square.

“This Commission finds that the then Police Commissioner Ahmed Faseeh had failed to take any steps to ensure the safety of the Police from the potential clash with the military. The Commission has decided to take legal against Faseeh after determining the level of his incompetence over the events,” the report read.

However, the report also stressed as protesting in the Republic Square has been prohibited under the Freedom of Assembly Act and as the Police had violated that Act by protesting at the venue, the Commission has decided to take legal action against the officers responsible after investigating the level of their involvement.

Report also revealed that former President Mohamed Nasheed had ordered the military to arrest the mutinous Police officers at the Republic Square. Integrity Commission further detailed that a clash between the Police and the military ensued after the Police officers refused to be taken into custody of the military. During the subsequent clashes the military had used rubber ammunition where several Police officers had sustained injuries, report said.

Police Integrity Commission’s report stated that after members of the public had entered the Republic Square and called for the resignation of the then President Nasheed, the protest had become political. Report said that the Police officers remaining in the area even afterwards were a clear violation of the Freedom of Assembly Act.

The report had revealed that the Integrity Commission has decided to take against the Police officers who had entered the then ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) camp and State television station MNBC One and destroyed property inside the premises.

Police Integrity Commission said that the report has been forwarded to President Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik, Speaker of Parliament and the Home Minister. The report has been publicized in the Integrity Commission’s website.

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